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Carrom originated in India several centuries ago and ancestor of pool, snooker and billiards. The carrom is a two or four player game and you flick the pieces into the pockets using a striker. Children as young as seven can pick the game up easily. The game is sometimes referred to as finger billiards and is described by some as a cross between tiddlywinks and pool.
-- The game provides a great chance to the family members to relax and refresh their minds.
-- Carrom help in increasing the logical reasoning power in children.
-- The children would be playing and having fun at the same time, they would practice skills like counting, reading, visual perception, and eye-hand coordination etc.

Carrom at NCC

Three carom boards of international standard with lights and sitting arrangements are installed. Accessories such as level, coins, brush etc. is issued from the NCC office.
--For regular members activity runs from 18:00 to 20:00 hours, three days a week.
--Activity can be booked by individual or families (members and non-members) on payment basis as per availability of time slots.

CARROM Sub-Committee